Knights Templar

Three by three in line they come
Courteous men of Templardom!
Christian men who've bowed the knee
At the cross of Calvary,
Each with dedicated sword
To the glory of the Lord,
Guarding still the faith they hold
As was done in days of old.

Far their history trails away
To the dark and bloody day
When the Christians made their stand
In the troubled Holy Land
And the followers of the
Christ Ruthlessly were sacrificed.
There amid the inky gloom
Shone the Templars' spotless plume.

Now the need for strife has gone,
Still the Templars follow on,
Though their swords in silence sleep,
Still the faith of old they keep,
Still beneath their glittering arch
Candidates for knighthood march
And by taper and by sword
Pledge allegiance to the Lord.

Templars all, my hand I wave,
Be you steadfast, be you brave!
Old the order! Old the need
For the valiant Christian's deed.
Bigotry no more holds sway,
But for valiant knights today
And for Christian gentlemen,
Still the need is now, as then.

Edgar A. Guest

Update: July 18, 2014

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