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The Knights Templar Drill Team Competition
S.K. Steven J. Barton, Chairman of GE Field Drill Committee

January 1, 2017
To the Drill Captains, Members, and Judges:
The drill schedules for the 2018 Grand Encampment Field Drill competition that will be held in Indianapolis in August 2018 are now available below. New drills have been written for all classes. Also below you will find additional detailed instructions for each class of drills. The addendum instructions supersede the details instructions found within the 2012 Details. Between the addendums and the 2012 Details all movements found in the 2018 drill schedules have been defined. You will also find within the Drill Schedules that all the commands for all the officers are also defined.
I wish to thanks Sir Knight Michael Shively, PGC of Texas and Sir Knight George Kivett, HPGC of Indiana for their assistance in reviewing the drills and the details instructions.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:
Steve Barton
333 N 600 E, Greenfield, IN 46140, Email pgc9091@comcast.net

Competitive Drill Manuals in .pdf Format, UPDated January 2017:
Class A Drill - Detail A Instructions - Addendum
Class B Drill - Detail B Instructions - Addendum
Class C Drill - Detail C Instructions - Addendum
Class D Drill - Detail D Instructions - Addendum

All information above is current as of JANUARY 2017