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News Release

Hello, my name is Rodney A. Mann. I am a Past Grand Commander of Indiana. I currently serve as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Indiana. I am a Trustee of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. I worked for many years in Indiana for the Foundation and found serving to be one of the most rewarding positions I have held. The Foundation has held a special place in my heart for more than twenty years.

I consider it a great honor to be selected to serve the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. as the 50th Annual Voluntary Campaign Chairman. Over the next several months, I will keep you informed of the many wonderful advancements that are taking place due to your faithful support of our mission. Our mission is "to improve vision through research, education, and supporting access to care."
I would like to congratulate Sir Knight David M Dryer, KGC for running a great 49th Annual Voluntary Campaign. We ended the 49th Campaign with contributions of $1,759,795.51. Congratulations Sir Knight Dryer and all who made the 49th Campaign a success.

Imagine waking up each morning and not being able to see across the room. Imagine walking outside and not being able to see the great colors and sights as you look across the landscape. Imagine not being able to use your phone! Imagine you are a child or are elderly, and are slowly losing your eyesight. Our mission is to help, aid, and assist those in these types of difficulties.

The 50th Voluntary Campaign is a milestone in the history of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. as of April 2017 has spent $148 million on research, patient care, and education.

Sir Knights you can make a difference. We are men who believe in improving the lives of those around us. Let us be men of action. Let us provide the funding for our Research partners to find cures. Let us provide funding for education and access to care.

The Tenets of our profession require each one of us to be charitable and to assist those who need aid and relief. I know you will help me to reach higher in this noble cause.

I look forward to communicating with you in the months ahead. God Bless!


Rodney A. Mann, KGC
Chairman 50th Annual Voluntary Campaign
Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.