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My warmest greetings to the Sir Knights of the Grand Encampment. Grace be with
you, mercy and peace from our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

I am honored to serve you as Chairman for the 51st Annual Voluntary Campaign
for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. During the next several months, I
will endeavor to keep you up to speed in regards to the great progress being made
because of your generous contributions.

We all owe Sir Knight Rodney A. Mann, KGC a big round of applause and hearty
congratulations for spearheading the 50th Annual Voluntary campaign. That final tall
was $4,288,254.80, Fantastic! Great job to all who contributed to making it an
overwhelming success.

On a personal note, I am indebted to my beautiful wife Jill for explaining to me exactly what we do several
years ago when I was grand commander. She is a pediatric medical doctor, so she “speaks the language”
of the scientists that do presentations at our department conferences. She listened to one in Boise, and
told me later that what we are doing with our grants is really great. I said, “Well tell me, because I don’t
really get it.” So she proceeded to explain it to me so I could get a handle on it and explain it to others. I
made a goal to get Montana Grand Commandery at 100% life membership and bought my first Grand
Master Club. I’ve been on fire ever since.

The gift of sight is so very precious. I firmly believe that it won’t be too many more years until one of our
endowed scientists finds a cure for pediatric blindness. What a difference that will make for those
children. what a difference that will make for the families of those children, and it is all because of your

Please join me and give generously to the KTEF. Templars are men of God and warriors for Christ. We
give generously. We give, not ’til it hurts, but we give ’til it feels GOOD.

The peace of the Lord be with you always.

Jeffrey A. Bolstad, REGCG, GCT
Chairman, 51st Annual Voluntary Campaign