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51st Voluntary Campaign
News Release

It is a great honor and privilege to greet you as Chairman of the 51st Annual Voluntary Campaign. Throughout the coming months, I look forward to working with all of you who are interested in fulfilling the promise and the mission of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF).

I would like to acknowledge the valuable work and dedicated efforts of Sir Knight Rodney A. Mann, KGC who chaired the 50th Annual Voluntary Campaign. Under his leadership, the KTEF achieved collected funds totaling $4,288,254.87.

As Knights Templar, we honor and serve Christ through service to our fellow man. One can hardly imagine a more precious gift than the gift of sight. The KTEF works to sponsor and to facilitate cutting-edge, breakthrough research that can help preserve and improve this most precious gift than the gift of sight. Through your contributions and your caring devotion to this cause, you are not merely helping to improve a medical condition, you are actually changing lives and literally helping others see their future.

World-class research is resource-intensive and expensive. All of us need to recognize that we should re-double our efforts in search of new sources of funds that are the lifeblood of this research. We have done well but we can challenge ourselves to do even better. We need to reach new potential donors even as we continue to approach those who have been so generous in the past and who perhaps will give again. We must strive to reach every member we can and also to extend our search for potential donors to private and corporate entities outside the fraternity.

I am so proud of the teamwork, and of the selfless devotion to others shown by the faithful servants of Christ within our ranks. We are truly blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, a place where men give readily and generously of themselves so that others may live, may dream, and may see. May this 51st Annual Voluntary Campaign become a shining example of our most noble ideals, and an outstanding proof of the very best we stand for!

In His Service

Ion Lazar, PGC (LA)
Chairman 51st Annual Voluntary Campaign
Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.