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Worthy President 2016
(Mrs. Lawrence B.) Lynne Smith, PP
Meetings held at:
Fredericksburg Masonic Temple
803 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
3rd Thursday 7:30 PM

Officers and Members Present at Official Visit of Supreme Worthy President
(Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, Member of Fredericksburg No.266, November 14, 2016
Worthy President - (Mrs. Lawrence B.) Lynne Smith, PP
Most Worthy Oracle - (Mrs. Frederic S.) Patricia Batten, Jr., PP
First Vice President - (Mrs. Charles T.) Barbara Doyal
Second Vice President - (Mrs. Joel D.) Sandra Ratliff, PP
Preceptress - (Mrs. Wilfred) Kip Volkstadt
Recorder - (Mrs. Rudolph E.) Barbara Griffith
Treasurer - (Mrs. C. Jarrett) Mary Frame,Jr., PP
Marshal - (Mrs. Michael) Mary St. John, PP
Assistant Marshal - (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, PP
Chaplain - (Mrs. Randall W.) Donna Swain Johnson
Director of Music - (Mrs. William F.) Dolores Reinhold, PP
Mistress of the Wardrobe - (Mrs. Richard E.) Tami Kretz
Outer Guard - (Mrs. James M.) Judith Wigglesworth

For Information Contact the Recorder
(Mrs. Rudolph E.) Barbara Griffith, PP
10 Jefferson Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22405;
Cell phone: 540-907-6621;
email address:

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