Supreme Assembly
Social Order of the Beauceant

Membership INFO


(Mrs. Cordon H.) Ruth H. Purdy, served 1974-1975
Santa Ana Assembly No. 61, CA

(Mrs. Aix B.) Gwen A. Harrison, served 1977-1978
Stillwater Assembly No. 124, OK

(Mrs. Paul E.) Shirley Case, served 1979-1980
Tampa Assembly No. 208, FL

(Mrs. Charles H.) Janet S. Lee, served 1981-1982
Carnegie Assembly No. 80, PA/ Steubenville Assembly No. 57, OH

(Mrs. Robert E.) Alice Danskin, served 1988-1989
Billings Assembly No. 194, MT

(Mrs. William) Lois J. Chant, served 1992-1993
Los Angeles Assembly No. 42, CA

(Mrs. Keith W.) Sandra S. Dean, served 1993-1994
Tampa Assembly No. 208, FL

(Mrs. Harry S.) Phyllis E. Rogers (Maddox), served 1994-1995
Park Place Assembly No. 205/Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Howard L.) Clara E. McClure, served 1995-1996
Steubenville Assembly No. 57, OH

(Mrs. Milton F.) Coy Baker, served 1996-1997
Baytown Assembly No. 153, TX

Mrs. Esther K. Offen, served 1998-1999
Denver No. 1, CO

(Mrs. Jay U.) Nancy Ipsen, served 1999-2000
Minneapolis Assembly No. 46, MN/Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Fred H.) Carole Buxton, served 2001-2002
Los Angeles Assembly No. 42, CA

(Mrs. R.D.) Diane Moore, served 2002-2003
Austin Assembly No. 125, TX

(Mrs. Charles E.) Mary Harris, served 2003-2004
Auburn Assembly No. 262, ME

(Mrs. Kirk) Judy Limas Rubida, served 2004-2005
Omaha Assembly No. 91, NE/Fredericksburg Assembly No. 266, VA

(Mrs. Jack) Mary Ann Edwards, served 2005-2006
Dallas No.63 Dallas TX

(Mrs. David E.) Sonja Alcon, served 2006-2007
Westminster Assembly No. 245, MD/Elizabethtown Assembly No. 265, PA

(Mrs. Richard) Jeanette Cotton, served 2007-2008
Port Arthur Assembly No. 160, TX

(Mrs. John A.) Velma Kleinfelder, served 2008-2009
Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Duncan C.) Filomena Watson, served 2009-2010
Pawtucket Assembly No. 217, RI.

(Mrs. W. Joseph) Kathryn E. Ryland, served 2010-2011
Los Angeles No. 42/Santa Ana No. 61, CA

(Mrs. John A.) Mary Brogan, served 2011-2012
San Antonio Assembly No. 159, TX

Mrs. Joe) Lei Lani Cortez, served 2012-2013
Phoenix No. 213, AZ