Supreme Assembly
Social Order of the Beauceant

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Past Supreme Worthy Presidents
at 93rd Supreme Assembly
September 22 - September 28, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN

L to R: seating/front row,
(Mrs. Paul E.) Shirley Case, (Mrs. Charles H.) Janet Lee, (Mrs. William) Lois Chant, (Mrs. Keith W.) Sandy Dean, (Mrs. Milton) Coy Baker and Mrs. Esther Offen.

L to R: standing/second row,(Mrs. Jay U.) Nancy Ipsen, (Mrs. Jack L.) Mary Ann Edwards, (Mrs. Richard) Jeanette Cotton, (Mrs. John A.) Velma Kleinfelder, (Mrs. W. Joe) Katie Ryland and (Mrs. John A.) Mary Brogan.


(Mrs. Cordon H.) Ruth H. Purdy, served 1974-1975
Santa Ana Assembly No. 61, CA

(Mrs. Aix B.) Gwen A. Harrison, served 1977-1978
Stillwater Assembly No. 124, OK

(Mrs. Paul E.) Shirley Case, served 1979-1980
Tampa Assembly No. 208, FL

(Mrs. Charles H.) Janet S. Lee, served 1981-1982
Carnegie Assembly No. 80, PA/ Steubenville Assembly No. 57, OH

(Mrs. Robert E.) Alice Danskin, served 1988-1989
Billings Assembly No. 194, MT

(Mrs. William) Lois J. Chant, served 1992-1993
Los Angeles Assembly No. 42, CA

(Mrs. Keith W.) Sandra S. Dean, served 1993-1994
Tampa Assembly No. 208, FL

(Mrs. Harry S.) Phyllis E. Rogers (Maddox), served 1994-1995
Park Place Assembly No. 205/Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Howard L.) Clara E. McClure, served 1995-1996
Steubenville Assembly No. 57, OH

(Mrs. Milton F.) Coy Baker, served 1996-1997
Baytown Assembly No. 153, TX

Mrs. Esther K. Offen, served 1998-1999
Denver No. 1, CO

(Mrs. Jay U.) Nancy Ipsen, served 1999-2000
Minneapolis Assembly No. 46, MN/Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Fred H.) Carole Buxton, served 2001-2002
Los Angeles Assembly No. 42, CA

(Mrs. R.D.) Diane Moore, served 2002-2003
Austin Assembly No. 125, TX

(Mrs. Charles E.) Mary Harris, served 2003-2004
Auburn Assembly No. 262, ME

(Mrs. Kirk) Judy Limas Rubida, served 2004-2005
Omaha Assembly No. 91, NE/Fredericksburg Assembly No. 266, VA

(Mrs. Jack) Mary Ann Edwards, served 2005-2006
Dallas No.63 Dallas TX

(Mrs. David E.) Sonja Alcon, served 2006-2007
Westminster Assembly No. 245, MD/Elizabethtown Assembly No. 265, PA

(Mrs. Richard) Jeanette Cotton, served 2007-2008
Port Arthur Assembly No. 160, TX

(Mrs. John A.) Velma Kleinfelder, served 2008-2009
Melrose Assembly No. 204, TX

(Mrs. Duncan C.) Filomena Watson, served 2009-2010
Pawtucket Assembly No. 217, RI.

(Mrs. W. Joseph) Kathryn E. Ryland, served 2010-2011
Los Angeles No. 42/Santa Ana No. 61, CA

(Mrs. John A.) Mary Broganserved 2011-2012
San Antonio Assembly No. 159, TX