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Wichita Assembly 8, (Mrs. Greg) Trisha Warner, worthy president

Two 90-plus year-old Beauceant Sisters at the Wichita Official Visitation:
(Mrs. N. L.) Nan King (left); (Mrs. Kenneth) Juanita Jeffrey (right).


Texarkana Assembly No. 196, Ms. Maggie Morgan, Worthy President

Independence Assembly No. 150, (Mrs. Charles) Beverly Martin, Worthy President


It is with a heavy heart that I inform
you that Past Supreme Worthy
President (Mrs. Milton) Coy Baker
has passed away. She was
supreme worthy president
in 1996 to 1997. Her motto
was "Reach out—touch another
life!" Her symbol, The
Irish Claddagh – the hands of
friendship, the crown of loyalty,
and the heart of love. It
is enclosed in a circle representing
our Beauceant friendship
circle. Mrs. Baker's scripture
was Matthew 7:12: "ll
things whatsoever ye would
that men should do to you,
do ye even so to them." Her
theme was friendship, loyalty,
and love, and her flower
was the pansy.
Mrs. Baker originally belonged
to Baytown 153, Texas
which consolidated with
Port Arthur 160, Texas. Mrs.
Baker made official visits to
135 Assemblies during her
year as supreme worthy
president and presided at
the 77th Supreme Assembly
in Wichita, Kansas


Pawtucket Assembly 217, October 9, 2017, (Mrs. Robert J.) Jean, Allen, worthy president.

Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein had a lovely
visit to Auburn Assembly 262. Worthy President (Mrs. Riley D.)
Lynne Greenwood presided at the meeting.


Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein enjoyed her Official Visit to Minneapolis Assembly 46. Worthy President (Mrs. Jerrold) Marilyn Nyborg and other officers welcomed her.

Oshkosh Assembly 267 held a warm welcome for Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein on her Official Visit. Worthy President Ms. Marie Desens presided during the meeting.


La Crosse Assembly 215 in Wisconsin was pleased to have Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein visit their Assembly in October. Also in attendance were Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Jay) Nancy Ipsen; Ms. Lois Purrington, supreme outer guard; (Mrs. Tom) Norma Shafer, supreme assistant marshal; and Sisters from Minneapolis 46 and Oshkosh 268


Mrs. Dawn Mainz (left) from La Crosse Assembly 215 in Wisconsin and Mrs. Kayihan Seran from Minneapolis Assembly 46 in Minnesota were initiated at the Supreme Assembly held in Bloomington, Minnesota


La Crosse Assembly 215 was honored to be a hostess assembly at the 97th Supreme Session held in Bloomington, Minnissota, on September 25th – 29th. They were even more honored to have their newest member, Mrs. Dawn Mainz, initiated at the session. Also initiated was Mrs. Kayihan Seran from Minneapolis Assembly 46.

Liverpool Assembly 71 honored fifty-year member Mrs. Basil L. Plemons at the official visit of Supreme Worthy President Mrs. Dean D. Rein. Mrs. Plemons has been recorder of her assembly for many years. From left to right: Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Dean D.) Edith “Edie” Rein; Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi; (Mrs. Basil L.) Deanna Plemons, new fifty-Year member of East Liverpool Assembly 71; and Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Howard) Clara McClure.


In Loving Memoriam

(Mrs. Charles E.) Mary E. Harris
Supreme Worthy President 2003-2004

    Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Charles E.) Mary Harris passed away peacefully in her home into the Great Assembly above on February 27, 2017. She was a charter member of Auburn Assembly 262, Auburn, Maine, which was constituted on August 10, 1991. She served her assembly as worthy president in 1997 and 2012. She traveled three hours to her assembly in Auburn, Maine, and three hours home. Mary was elected supreme worthy president in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2003 and presided at the Eighty-Fourth Supreme Assembly in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2004.
    Mrs. Harris’ Motto was “For Everything Under the Sun there is a Reason.” Her symbols were blueberries, the rising sun, and the lighthouse. Her scripture was Ephesians 4:2 “Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other making allowances for each other’s faults because of your love.” She chose her emblems as the “Rising sun reminds us of another day before us.” She lived in low bush blueberry country and believed that the rays from lighthouses guide us through troubled waters.
    Mrs. Harris spent her childhood haying and raking blueberries, milking cows, and helping wherever she was needed. She was a member of the 4H Club where she learned to sew, cook, and raise a Jersey cow that won many medals at the local Fairs! She attended the Baptist Church where she never missed attending Vacation Bible School. Mary married Charles Harris in October of 1950 at home. She was very active in her community, especially helping with 4H activities. Mary was a substitute teacher, made wedding cakes, made her niece’s wedding dress, knitted, crocheted, spun yarn, and painted crafts. She enjoyed gardening, canning, and making jams & jellies, dried fruit, beef jerky, and homemade ice cream. She grew herbs and beautiful flowers.
    Mrs. Harris worked as secretary for the E. S. Herrick Blueberry Factory for many years and worked in the Maine State Capitol Building for two or three days each year. Mary’s biggest honor and accomplishment was being the supreme worthy president of the Social Order of the Beauceant.


Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor of Pennsylvania

SOOB Meeting Held at Pennsylvania Conclave

    Elizabethtown Assembly 265, Pennsylvania held a special meeting on May 19, 2017, at the Inn At Reading, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Beauceant sisters from Elizabethtown Assembly 265 and Carnegie Assembly 80, Pennsylvania, were in attendance for the meeting held during the Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania’s 164th Annual Conclave.
    Worthy President Mrs. James Donnon dedicated the meeting in loving memory of Mrs. George H. Taylor, wife of the Right Eminent Grand Commander George, who was also a past president of Elizabethtown Assembly 265, Pennsylvania.
    Sister Jane, whose white robe was on display during the meeting, was fondly remembered for her presidency during the year 2014. Placed on her robe was her pin of her year, the acorn. She encouraged her sisters to grow from tiny acorns to mighty oaks through acts of kindness and charitable deeds.
    Sister Jane lost her battle to pancreatic cancer on October 27, 2016. She is missed very much by her sisters and sir knights.


(Mrs. Dean) Edith “Edie” Rein Installed
Supreme Worthy President, S.0.0.B.

Annual Supreme Assembly held in Bloomington, Minnesota. She will preside during the 98th Annual Supreme Assembly on September 24-29, 2018, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She was born in Laramie, Wyoming; raised and educated in Salt Lake City, Utah; and resides with her husband, Sir Knight Dean, in St. George, Utah. She graduated from Judge Memorial Catholic High School and the University of Utah, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics. For the last nine-plus years, she has been employed by Weight Watchers of Las Vegas.
A member of Beauceant since 2004, she was initiated in Midvale Assembly 247 during the official visit of Supreme Worthy President Mrs. Kirk Limus-Rubida. Her late father’s Templar heritage helped her to qualify for membership. She served as president in 2007-2008. In 2014, she became a dual member with Las Vegas Assembly 207. She has served on the following supreme committees: Supreme Courtesy Committee 2010, Area one Knights Templar Eye Foundation 2012, and Supreme Paraphernalia Committee 2013. In 2013-2014, she served as supreme chaplain for Supreme Worthy President Mrs. T. Michael Fegan.
She is active in Job’s Daughters International, Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, and P.E.O as time permits. Mrs. Rein is a member of the Episcopal Church.
Mrs. Rein and her Sir Knight are looking forward to her visits to the assemblies and to building a special relationship with her Beauceant sisters.
Her Theme: “Be Faithful, Be Loyal, Be Loving, Be Friendly, Be Generous, Be Happy, Be Beautiful and leave everything else to God in our Journey through Life!”
Her Motto: “Why Not Today?” - words by Amy Lacey and sung by Eric Dodge
Scriptures: Matthew 6: 5-14 (King James Bible) Proverbs 31: 10-31 (Contemporary Bible English version)
Mrs. Rein has requested continued support for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, which helps others to see, from the sisters in Beauceant Assemblies across the country.

    Mrs. Bruce Cathy Dalton, president of Arlington Assembly 189, and members welcomed Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, on the occasion of her official visit. Also visiting were (Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche, supreme preceptress, and Mrs. Bongiovi’s husband, Sir Knight Joseph L. Bongiovi. From Fort Worth Assembly 59, two visitors, (Mrs. Morris) Pattie Mitchell and (Mrs. Timothy) Pamela Johnson, were also welcomed. The meeting was held in the Sweet Home Lodge at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center (TMRC). Before the meeting, a delicious dinner was prepared and served by Barry Swenson, TMRC’s executive chef. It was a great meeting and time of visiting with our supreme president, our supreme worthy preceptress, and our two Fort Worth sisters.

    Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi with Mrs. Bruce Cathy Dalton, president of Arlington Assembly 189.


Austin 125 initiated two new members at the official visit of Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi,
(Mrs. Jimmy) Cheryl Rurh and (Mrs. Terry C.) Denise Browning.

Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Keith W.) Sandra Dean,
Right Eminent Department Commander Sir Knight Henry A. Adams, Supreme Worthy President, (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi,
Supreme Director of Music, (Mrs. William F.) Dolores Reinhold.

The official visit of Supreme Worthy President, (Mrs. Joseph)Barbara Bongiovi to Tampa assembly 208.