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March Knight Templar Beauceant News

Early Beginnings of Some Of Our Business

The early beginnings of the S.O.O.B., according to Mrs. Fred C. Shaw, the worthy president of Denver 1 in 1913, were fostered from a "desire of the wives of Knights Templar to enjoy the pleasure of membership in a group of women allied in some manner with their husbands' Templar activities."
The ladies met on the third Thursday of the month, with the first official meeting being held on February 20, 1890, with initiation fees of $1.00 and annual dues of
$.45. The official refreshments were tea and wafers, for which, if omitted, the host- ess would be fined $5.00. In July of that year, the refreshment rules changed, and the ladies had ice cream and little tea cakes.
Nothing about a ritual appeared until July of 1890 when the secretary recorded that the ritual was presented. The title page reads: "Denver Lodge 1" then there is the scimitar with broom and the letters "Denver, Colorado," and it contained the opening, initiatory, and installation ceremonies.
Just as a point of interest, it is my understanding, based on conversations with P.S.W.P. Mrs. Esther K. Offen, that the first ritual was written by a Sir Knight J. M. Rhoads. The original letters S.O.O.B. stood for Some of our Business, and what was it?

"It is Some of our Business to make this society an attractive center from which shall radiate bright, joyous, and happy influences."
"It is Some of our Business to fleck the pathway of life with sunshine and strew flow- ers in waste and desolate places."
"It is Some of our Business to slumbering chord with lightsome touch and thrill the heart with soothing melody."
"It is Some of Our Business to be helpful, hopeful, and inspiring and put to flight the phantoms of despon- dent minds."
"In short, it is Some of Our Business to make life purer, better, and sweeter under the benign influence of S.O.O.B.

Respectfully Submitted Mrs. John C. Forrest PSWP

Reference: Page 32, March 2020, Knight Templar Magazine


Official visit to Grand Rapids Assembly 68 on October 17, 2019.
(Mrs. Samuel) Melinda Derfin, worthy president.

(Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche, supreme worthy presidentís
official visit on October 2, 2019, to Westminister Assembly 245,
Maryland, (Mrs. Charles) Margo Hampton, worthy president.

(Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche, supreme worthy presidentís official visit
on October 1, 2019, to Kingsport Assembly 244, Tennessee,
(Mrs. Clifford) Tabatha McMillian, worthy president.

Official visit to Findley Assembly 252 on October 18, 2019.
(Mrs.David) Barbie Roth, worthy president.


Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.

At the Annual Session of the Social Order of the Beauceant held this past September in Tyler, Texas, the supreme worthy president, Ms. Kimberly J. Burnett, presented the grand master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, and president of the Knight Templar Eye Foundation, Jeffrey N. Nelson, with a $22,254.12 check from the members of the Beauceant.
The Foundation gives thanks to the Beauceant for their continued support of this great humanitarian charity.
In 1957 the Beauceant adopted the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc., as their official charity. Since that time they have donated over three million dollars to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.


Omaha Assembly Celebrates Seventy-five Years

Worthy President (Mrs. Daniel) Erin Marr

The Social Order of the Beauceant has long been a prom inent part of the Masonic family in Omaha, Nebraska. Constituted on July 14, 1944, Omaha Assembly 91 began with thirty-six charter members and, during the first year, grew to fifty-one members. The organization continued to strongly attract the women of Omaha, and in five years, membership doubled to 116. Over the last seventy years, membership has ranged from 104 to as many as 280 members.
Omaha Assembly 91, Social Order of the Beauceant has enjoyed sustained vigor over its lifetime. This is evidenced in that the Assembly has never had a repeat worthy president. As a result, the Past Presidents' Club has had seventy five members and has become a back bone of the Assembly.
Two of our members, (Mrs. Leslie) Ruth Armstrong and (Mrs. Kirk) Judy Limas-Rubida, served as supreme worthy presidents. Many others have served as supreme officers and committee members.
Two Assemblies have merged with Omaha Assembly, Council Bluffs Assembly 82 in 1994 and Lincoln Assembly 253 in 2001.
A special 75th year celebration of this wonderful organization will be held on November 9, 2019. The festivities will be hosted by (Mrs. Daniel) Erin Marr, worthy president, Omaha Assembly 91, Social Order of the Beauceant.

Supreme Assembly is celebrating 100 years of faith, loyalty, and love. To celebrate this grand occasion, a special commemoration coin had been cast. If you are interested in adding one to your coin collection for only $10 plus postage, please email (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein at swp2018@gmail.com.


Elizabethtown Assembly recently celebrated their 19th anniversary. Also present were two petitioners

Ms. Kimberly Burnett, supreme worthy president, and Mrs. Carl Wunsche had the honor to attend the Knights Templar Eye Foun-dation Annual Board Meeting and Continuing Education seminar in August of 2019. They are pictured here with Sir Knight Jeffrey Nelson, most eminent grand master, and Sir Knight David Kussman, right eminent grand generalissimo of the Grand Encampment


Elizabethtown Assembly 265 held its May meeting at the Hilton Hotel in
Scranton, Pennsylvania, 0.during the Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania Sessions.
Mrs. Jerry (Janet) Hamilton, was worthy president. Mrs. David (Sonja) Alcon, past supreme worthy president,
was vice president, and Mrs. Leslie (Sandy) Loomis, past supreme worthy president, was chaplain.
Members from Carnegie Assembly 80 also participated.

Melrose Assembly 204 was proud to have Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kimberly Burnett,
during her official visit, to present Mrs. W. Howard Jackson with her sixty year certificate.
Mrs. Jackson was initiated on June 17, 1959. She was accompanied by her son Sir Knight James Price.


(Mrs. Steve) Sherri Kirk, president of the Georgia State Assembly, presided
over the official visit of Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kim Burnett
(Mrs. Brandon) Leah Yarbrough was initiated at this meeting.

(Mrs. Willy) Sandra Carreras, president of Tampa Assembly 208, presided
at the Official Visit of Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kim Burnett

The Homecoming of Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kimberly Burnett was well attended.
It was held in Columbus, Ohio, the location of Ms. Burnettís home Assembly


This picture was taken just prior to the start of the 94th Annual Knights Templar Association Easter Sunrise Service and 9th Annual Grand Encampment of Knights Templar Western States Easter Observance in Denver. The service was held at the Denver Consistory, across the street from the Colorado State Capitol. (Mrs. Joe) Debby Kier, president of Denver Assembly 1, SOOB, stands to the right of Sir Knight Jeffey N. Nelson, GCT, most eminent grand master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar. Past supreme worthy presidents (Mrs. Thomas) Lynda Derby and (Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein were in atendance, along with SOOB members from Denver Assembly 1 and other Assemblies

Elizabethtown Assembly 265 held their May meeting at the annual Grand Commandery Conference on Saturday, May 18. Guests from the Carnegie Assembly 80 were also in atendance.


(Mrs. Kenneth) Mona Wofford, president of Dallas Assembly 63, presided at the official visit of Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kim Burnett. (Mrs. Clarence) Elisa Laney was initiated at the meeting.

President (Mrs. Kenneth) Stacey Hightower presided at Melrose Assembly
204ís official visit of Supreme Worthy President Ms. Kim Burnett. Beauceant
sisters welcomed Ms. Angela Ruth Harvey who was initiated at this meeting