Membership INFO


Austin 125 initiated two new members at the official visit of Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi, (Mrs. Jimmy) Cheryl Rurh and (Mrs. Terry C.) Denise Browning.

Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Keith W.) Sandra Dean, Right Eminent Department Commander Sir Knight Henry A. Adams, Supreme Worthy President, (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi, Supreme Director of Music, (Mrs. William F.) Dolores Reinhold.

The official visit of Supreme Worthy President, (Mrs. Joseph)Barbara Bongiovi to Tampa assembly 208.


Pictured above are the members of Elizabethtown 265. The worthy president is (Mrs. Donald W.) Brenda Wallen. Others present are (Mrs. David) Sonja Alcon, past supreme worthy president, and (Mrs. Leslie J.) Sandra Loomis, past supreme worthy president, both of whom are members of Elizabethtown Assembly..

Supreme Worthy President Mrs. Joseph L. Bongiovi enjoyed her visit to Auburn Assembly 262, where (Mrs. Darren) Jessica Halford is the worthy president.

At the official visit to Park Place 205, Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi was accompanied by (Mrs. Carl D.) Wunsche, supreme worthy preceptress; (Mrs. Richard B.) Jeannette Cotton, past supreme worthy president; (Mrs. Harry) Phyllis Maddox-Rogers, past supreme worthy president; (Mrs. Carl D.) Milinda McMonnell, president; (Mrs. Milton) Coy Baker, past supreme worthy president; (Mrs. John) Velma Kleinfelder, past supreme worthy president; and (Mrs. Darryl) Michele Burt, supreme treasurer


Pictured above are members of Columbus 79 of Ohio on occasion of the official visit of (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi. The worthy president is (Mrs. Kevin) Julie Gilbride. Also present was Ms. Kimberly Burnet, supreme worthy 2nd vice president.

Above are Pawtucket 217 members on occasion of the official visit of (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi. Their worthy president is (Mrs. Robert) Jean Allen.


Hawaii Visitation

Supreme Worthy President Mrs. Joseph L. Bongiovi was welcomed to Hawaii for her official visit.
Left to right, S.K. Cletus Ching; (Mrs. Cletus) Sylvia Ching, Supreme Examining Committee;
(Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi; Ms. Beverly Mau, president; and (Mrs. John) Dorothy Mau, member


Fredericksburg Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, Fredericksburg Assembly 266, Virginia, held their Installation of officers despite a very cold and snowy day.
After the Installation, they held a catered dinner to celebrate their 10th birthday.
They were constituted on January 20, 2007, also a cold snowy day, at the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. (Mrs. Mrs. David E.) Sonja Alcon was the supreme worthy president at that time, and (Mrs. Howard L.) Clara McClure, past supreme worthy president, was the supreme organizer. It has been a fantastic ten years, and they are looking forward to at least ten more. The Fredericksburg members were pleased to have many Sir Knights in attendance.

Worshipful Mike Moses, master of Fredericksburg 4, is pictured with (Mrs. Leslie J.) Sandra Loomis, past supreme worthy president; (Mrs. Charles) Barbara Doyal, newly installed president of Fredericksburg Assembly 266; and (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, supreme worthy president

The commander of Fredericksburg Commandery 1, William Searce is pictured with (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, supreme worthy president


(Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, supreme worthy president, was pleased to honor twenty-five year members (Mrs. James) Jeanne Karnegis; (Mrs. Richard) Janet Moore; Supreme Worthy President Mrs. Bongiovi; (Mrs. Charles) Anita Sohm, worthy president; and (Mrs. Don) Elaine Kemper at her official visit to Omaha 91. Two other twenty-five year recipients, (Mrs. Gale) Carolyn Cook and (Mrs. James) Evelyn Peck, were unable to attend.

Mrs. Joseph Bongiovi, supreme worthy president, was pleased to visit Indianapolis Assembly 90, Indianapolis, Indiana, on occasion of the initiation of Mrs. William Short.
Left to right, (Mrs. Randy) Mary Beth Spaulding, worthy president, Indianapolis 90, Indianapolis, Indiana; (Mrs. William) Sharon Short, new member; and (Mrs. Joseph) Barbara Bongiovi, supreme worthy president.


96th Annual Supreme Assembly

Omaha Assembly 91 in Nebraska; with (Mrs. Charles) Anita Sohm, worthy president, presiding; welcomed Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi on the occasion of her first official visit. Also present were (Mrs. William F.) Dolores Reinhold, supreme director of music; (Mrs. Ronald) Tami Stites, supreme standard bearer; and (Mrs. Edwin R., Jr.) Sharon Carpenter, chairman of the Supreme Credentials Committee. Omaha 91 was proud to initiate a new sister, (Mrs. George) Deb McMullin.

Omaha 91 initiated a new sister (Mrs. George) Deb McMullen at the official visit of the supreme worthy president. Left to right, (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi, supreme worthy president, (Mrs. George) Deb McMullin, new sister, and (Mrs. Charles) Anita Sohm, worthy president.


Pictured Above

Front row, lft to rt Back row, lft to rt
(Mrs. Charles) Susan Thames - Supreme Marshal (Mrs. Joe E.) Debra Kier - Supreme Chaplain
(Mrs. Richard) Linda Roblee - Supreme Recorder (Mrs. William F.) Dolores Reinhold - Supreme Director of Music
Ms. Kim Burnett - Supreme Worthy 2nd Vice President (Mrs. Gale D.) Clydene Young - Supreme Courier
(Mrs. Thomas R.) Lynda Derby - Supreme Most Worthy Oracle (Mrs. Leeland) Sharon Duffin - Supreme Historian
(Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi - Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. Ronald) Tami Stites - Supreme Standard Bearer
(Mrs. Dean) Edie Rein - Supreme Worthy 1st Vice President Miss Tara B. Shulas - Supreme Color Bearer
(Mrs. Carl W.) Yvonne Wunsche - Supreme Worthy Preceptress (Mrs. John) Ruth Ann Staton - Supreme Mistress of the Wardrobe
(Mrs. Daryl R.) Michele Burt - Supreme Treasurer (Mrs. Howard) Patricia Anderson - Supreme Daughter of the Household
(Mrs. Rudolph E.) Barbara Griffith - Supreme Assistant Marshal (Mrs. Earl) Charmaine Olson - Supreme Inner Guard
  (Mrs. Herbert) Debbie Kennedy - Supreme Outer Guard

front row lft to rt back row lft to rt
(Mrs. Fred H.) Carole Buxton (Mrs. R. D.) Diane Moore
(Mrs. Jay U.) Nancy Ipsen (Mrs. Jack L.) MaryAnn Edwards
(Mrs. Milton F.) Coy Baker (Mrs. Richard B.) Jeanette Rife Cotton
(Mrs. Howard L.) Clara E. McClure (Mrs. John A.) Velma Kleinfelder,
(Mrs. Keith W.) Sandra S. Dean (Mrs. W. Joe) Kathryn “Katie” Ryland
(Mrs. William) Lois J. Chant (Mrs. John A.) Mary Brogan
(Mrs. Paul E.) Shirley Case (Mrs. Joe) Lei Lani Cortez
  (Mrs. T. Michael) Debhra Fegan
  (Mrs. Leslie J.) Sandra C. Loomis

Members of Denver Assembly 1 in Colorado gathered with Sir Knights, family, and friends to share wonderful food and fellowship at their annual picnic!
Invited guests, Past Supreme Worthy President (Mrs. T. Michael) Debbie Fegan and her Sir Knight T. Michael had the opportunity to enjoy the warm hospitality and the pleasant Colorado weather!

Members of Columbus Assembly 79 and Columbus Commandery 69 in Ohio came together to celebrate summer by holding a joint picnic. The highlight of the picnic was celebrating the 89th birthday of (Mrs. Arthur) Patricia Glass, a 29 year member of the Social Order of the Beauceant. Mrs. Glass is the mother of Supreme Preceptress Ms. Kimberly Burnett and Supreme Necrology committee member (Mrs. James) Karen Baughman.

    (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi was installed as supreme worthy president of the Social Order of the Beauceant on Friday, September 23, 2016, at the 96th Annual Supreme Assembly held in Topeka Kansas. She will preside at the 97th Annual Supreme Assembly on September25-29, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Mrs. Bongiovi became interested in the Social Order of the Beauceant when her Sir Knight, Joe, was the commander of Fredericksburg Commandery and was approached about the Commandery sponsoring a new Beauceant Assembly. She became a charter member of Fredericksburg Assembly 266 when it was constituted at the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, on January 20, 2007. Her love for the order continued to grow.
Mrs. Bongiovi was born and raised in College Point, Queens, New York. She has two sisters. Mrs. Bongiovi graduated from Mary Byers Business School and worked as an administrative assistant for a publishing company. After living in Reading, Massachusetts, and Denver, Colorado, with her three children, she settled in Buffalo, New York. She worked in the Buffalo General Health System in administration for 14 years. She met her Sir Knight, Joe, while serving Lenten meals at Calvary Episcopal Church. They married in 2001, adding three more children to the fold.
After retiring, they moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where they now reside. They have six children and 11 grandchildren.
Mrs. Bongiovi and Sir Knight Joe are excited about their upcoming travels and meeting new friends as well as reconnecting with past friends. She will emphasize our main charity, The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, as well as her theme, “Spreading the Joy and Beauty of Beauceant Love.”