Membership INFO

Georgia State Assembly, Monday, May 8, 2018; (Mrs. LeRoy) Hallijean "Halli" Stevens, Worthy President;
New Initiates: (Mrs. John) Dianne Pinson (front left), (Mrs. Judd) Joy Wolfe (front middle), Miss Elizabeth Nuss (front right)
and are the mother, wife, granddaughter of Sir Knights.

Honolulu Assembly No. 133, Thursday, May 3, 2018; Ms. Blossom Mau, Worthy President

Everett Assembly No. 242, Friday, April 27, 2018; (Mrs. Dennis) Diane Olson, Worthy President

Santa Ana Assembly No. 61, April 21, 2018; (Mrs. Brett) Donna MacDonald, Worthy President.

Los Angeles Assembly No. 42, April 20, 2018; (Mrs. W. Joe) Katie Ryland, PSWP, Worthy President.

Farmington Assembly No. 241, Saturday, April 14, 2018; (Mrs. Erick) Betty Van Eckhoutte, Worthy President

Denver Assembly No. 1, Friday, April 13, 2018; (Mrs. Charles) Dorothy "D'Ann" Downing, Worthy Presiden

. Pueblo Assembly No. 11, Wednesday, April 11, 2018; (Mrs. Thomas) Norma Shaffer, Worthy President

Stillwater Assembly No. 124, OK, Thursday, April 5, 2018; (Mrs. Mark) Linda Luttrell, Worthy President; (Mrs. Keith) Lois Ballard (front left),50-Year Member

Wichita Assembly No. 8, Wednesday, March 28, 2018; (Mrs. Greg) Trisha Warner, Worthy President.

St. Joseph Assembly No. 123, Monday, March 26, 2018; (Mrs. Marlin) Sharon Slagle, Worthy President.

Independence Assembly No. 150, March 22, 2018; (Mrs. Charles) Beverly Martin, Worthy President

Texarkana Assembly No. 196, March 19, 2018; Ms. Maggie Morgan, Worthy President

Springfield Assembly No. 92, March 17, 2018; (Mrs. Daniel) Edith Hite, Worthy President.

St. Louis Assembly No. 29, March 13, 2018; Mrs. James) La Donna Snavely, Worthy President.

Austin Assembly No. 125, March 10, 2018; Ms. Patsy Toudouze, Worthy President

Mobile Assembly No. 237, February 26, 2018; (Mrs. Thomas) Jenny Lott, Worthy President

Park Place Assembly No. 205, February 24, 2018; (Mrs. Christopher Lee) Laura Little, Worthy Presidentt

Port Arthur Assembly No. 160, February 23, 2018; (Mrs. James) Sandra McMillan, Worthy President;
(Mrs. Clifford) Jackie Kennedy, Candidate

Hot Springs Assembly No. 251, February 21, 2018; Ms. Brenda Wingard, Worthy President
Tyler Assembly No. 127, February 20, 2018; (Mrs. Kenneth) Janet Sheats, Worthy President
Dallas Assembly No. 63, February 16, 2018; (Mrs. Billy) Murial Rowell, Worthy President

Arlington Assembly No. 289, February 14, 2018; (Mrs. Jim) Juanita Sharp, Worthy President

Waco Assembly No. 199, February 13, 2018; (Mrs. Paul) Jayne Yenger, Worthy President

Melrose Assemby No. 204, February 10, 2018; Ms. Joyce Huey, Worthy Presient; (Mrs. Ralph) Charollet Royall, Candidate

San Antonio Assembly No. 159, February 9, 2018; (Mrs. T. E. "Gene") Gay Carnes, Worthy President;
(Mrs. Roger) Elizabeth Cockrell, Candidate

El Paso Assembly No. 141, February 6, 2018; (Mrs. David) Edith Davis, Worthy President; (Mrs. Joseph) Rosemary Alsworth, Candidate

Midvale Assembly No. 247, January 31, 2018; (Mrs. Clarence) Margaret Weimer, Worthy President;
Mrs. Brenda Anderson and (Mrs. Albert) Sylvia Hokins, Candidates.

Tampa Assembly No. 208, January 26, 2018; (Mrs. Robert) Sharen St. John, Worthy PresidentI

Ocala Assembly No. 249, January 24, 2018; (Mrs. Daniel) Cindy Hobson, Worthy President

Las Vegas Assembly No. 207, January 17, 2018; (Mrs. Robert) Lynn Berzins, Worthy President

Phoenix Assembly No. 213, January 15, 2018;Ms. Wynn Riffle, Worthy President; Mrs. Leslie Christensen, Candidate
North Platte Assembly No. 177, November 30, 2017, (Mrs. Walter) Brenda McGuire, Worthy President

Pocatello Assembly No. 120, November 20, 2017, (Mrs. Bruce) Daventa Ulrich, Worthy President

Sheridan Assembly No. 131, November 18, 2017, (Mrs. Fred) Doris Case, Worthy President

Casper Assembly No. 70, November 16, 2017, (Mrs. William) Terry Biggs, Worthy President

Omaha Assembly No. 91, November 14, 2017, (Mrs. Donald) Gail Lichtenberg, Worhty President
Findlay Assembly No. 252, November 9, 2017, (Mrs. David) Barbie Roth, Worthy President

Columbus Assembly No. 226, November 8, 2017, (Mrs. William) Diane Blasiingame, Worthy President

Indianapolis Assembly No. 90, November 7, 2017, (Mrs. David) Deanna Strader, 1st Vice President & Worthy President Protem

Joint Visitation - Cleveland Assembly No. 15 & Columbus Assembly No. 79, October 28, 2017,
(Mrs. John) Janet Sutter, Worthy President (Cleveland) & Ms. Kimberly J. Burnett, Worthy President (Columbus)

Warren Assembly No. 77, October 27, 2017, (Mrs. William) Cindi Robinson, Worthy President

Carnegie Assembly No. 80, October 26, 2017, (Mrs. Charles) Susan Patchin, Worthy President

East Liverpool Assembly No. 71, October 23, 2017, (Mrs. William) Terry Biggs, Worthy President

Kingsport Assembly No. 244, October 21, 2017, (Mrs. Charles) Susan Thames, Worthy President & Supreme Preceptress

Fredericksburg Assembly No. 266, October 19, 2017, (Mrs. Charles T.) Barbara Doyal, Worthy President

Westminster Assembly No. 245, October 18, 2017, (Mrs. Alton) Kathryn Graf, Worthy President

Elizabethtown Assembly No. 265, October 16, 2017, (Mrs. James J.) Cynthia Donnon, Worthy President

Auburn Assembly No. 262, October 12, 2017, (Mrs. Riley D.) Lynne Greenwood,Worthy President

Pawtucket Assembly No. 217, October 9, 2017, (Mrs. Robert J.) Jean Allen, Worthy President

Grand Rapids Assembly No. 68, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Mrs. Michael) Karen Coburn, Worthy President.

La Crosse Assembly No. 215, Thursday, October 5, 2017. (Mrs. Terrry) Nancy Loper, Worthy President

Oshkosh Assembly No. 267, Tuesday, October 3, 2017. Ms. Marie Desens, Worthy President

Minneapolis Assembly No. 46, Monday, October 2, 2017. (Mrs. Jerrold) Marilyn Nyborg, Worthy President