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June 8, 2019 Homecoming Banquet

May 24, 2019 Tampa Assembly No. 208 President (Mrs. Willy) Sandra Carreras
May 22, 2019 Ocala Assembly No. 249 President (Mrs. Robert) Peggy Welch
May 20, 2019 Hot Springs Assembly No. 251
The 2nd Vice President Ms. Brenda Wingard, (Past President) Presided
May 7, 2019 Georgia State Assembly, President (Mrs. Steve) Sherri Kirk
and (Mrs. Brandon) Leah Yarbrough was initiated.

May 2, 2019 Honolulu Assembly No. 133, President (Mrs. Cletus) Sylvia Ching

April 25, 2019 Independence Assembly No. 150, President (Mrs. John) Ann Spiker

April 22, 2019 Springfield Assembly No. 92, President (Mrs. Daryl) Sharlene Shouse

April 17, 2019 Wichita Assembly No. 8 President Mrs. Edith Tice and Mrs. Jan Brooks was initiated.

April 15, 2019 Topeka Assembly No. 24 President Mrs. Lynda Coffman

April 8, 2019 St. Joseph Assembly No. 123 President (Mrs. Lawrence) Joan Crawford

April 4, 2019 Stillwater Assembly No. 124 President (Mrs. David) Lila Berry

March 30, 2019 Farmington Assembly No. 241 President Ms. Patty Rixon

March 27, 2019 Midvale Assembly No. 247 President Mrs. Cindy Stayner
and 3 new sisters were initiated:
(Mrs. David) Barbara Jene Read, Ms. Sonona Goodrich and Ms. Marlena Carson

March 22, 2019 Denver Assembly No. 1 President (Mrs. Joe) Debra Kier
and (Mrs. Jeffrey) Laurie Strickland was initiated.

March 20, 2019 Las Vegas Assembly No. 207 President Ms. Teresa Thompson

March 2, 2019 Santa Ana Assembly No. 61 President (Mrs. James) Norma Burkett

March 1, 2019 Los Angeles Assembly No. 42 President (Mrs. W. Joe) Katie Ryland, PSWP
and (Mrs. Eduardo) Imelda Gozaga was initiated

February 25, 2019 Phoenix Assembly No. 213 President Ms. Rodena Jossey

February 20, 2019 El Paso Assembly No. 141 President (Mrs. James) Michelle Beale

February 18, 2019 San Antonio Assembly No. 159 President (Mrs. Robert) Mary Sue Cox

February 12, 2019 Arlington Assembly No. 189 President (Mrs. Jimmy) Martha Pengelly
and Ms. Janet Gotsy was initiated

February 9, 2019 Melrose Assembly No. 204 President (Mrs. Kenneth) Stacey Hightower
and Ms. Angela Ruth Harvey was initiated

February 7, 2019 Dallas Assembly No. 63 President (Mrs. Kenneth) Mona Wofford
and (Mrs. Clarence) Elisa Laney was initiated
February 5, 2019 Tyler Assembly No. 127 President (Mrs. Kenneth) Janet Sheats
February 2, 2019 Austin Assembly No. 125 President (Mrs. Glenn) Virginia Baker
January 29, 2019 Waco Assembly No. 199 President Miss Jacquelin Spann
and (Mrs. Roy Don) Lois Wollard and (Mrs. Boone Preston) Kristi Barott was initiated.

January 26, 2019 Park Place Assembly No. 205 President (Mrs. J. Don) Linda Little
and (Mrs. William) Joan Groth was initiated.

January 25, 2019 Port Arthur Assembly No. 160 President (Mrs. James)
and (Mrs. Jimmie) Colleen Grimes was initiated.

January 19, 2019 Texarkana Assembly No. 196 President Ms. Maggie Morgan

January 14, 2019 Mobile Assembly 237 President Ms. Patricia Norman
and (Mrs. Eric) Audrey Nickelson was initiated.

Omaha No. 91 November 30, 2018 Ms. Susan Corbin, President. (Mrs. William) Judy Pickel was initiated

North Platte No. 177 November 29, 2018 (Mrs. Walter) Brenda McGuire, President.
(Mrs. Jim) Christine Conner and (Mrs. Roy) Karen Phillips were initiated

Kingsport No. 244 November 26, 2018 (Mrs. Clifford) Tabatha McMillan, 1st Vice President - presiding

Fredericksburg No. 266 November 15, 2018 (Mrs. Joel) Sandra Ratliff, President

Pawtucket No. 217 November 12, 2018 Mrs. George Young, 1st Vice President presiding

Westminster No. 245 November 9, 2018 Miss Kelly Woolman, President

Carnegie No. 80 November 8, 2018 Mrs. William Johnston, President

Elizabethtown No. 265 November 7, 2018 Mrs. Troy Mock, President Mrs. Seth Anthony was initiated.

Auburn No. 262 November 1, 2018 Mrs. Arthur Chapman, President

Grand Rapids No. 68 October 29, 2018 Mrs. Michael Coburn, President

Joint Official Visit on October 27, 2018 of Cleveland No.15 Mrs. John Sutter, President
and Columbus No.79 Mrs. John Mashburn, President

East Liverpool No.71 October 22,2018 Mrs. Howard McClure, PSWP, President

Columbus Assembly No.226 (IN) October 17, 2018 President - Mrs. Robert Lee

Indianapolis Assembly No.90 October 16, 2018 President - Mrs. David Strader

Warren Assembly No.77 October 12,2018 President - Mrs. Derrick Grafton

Joint Official Visit on October 9, 2018 La Crosse No. 215 Mrs. LeRoy Kifer, President
and Oshkosh No. 267, Mrs. Leland Burlison, President.
Miss Morgan Maxwell was initiated in to La Crosse Assembly.

Minneapolis No. 46, PA October 8, 2018 Miss Pamela Clinton, President

Sheridan No. 131, WY October6, 2018 Mrs. Rick Cipolla, President

Casper No. 70, WY October 4, 2018 Mrs. William Biggs, President

Pocatello No. 120, ID October 1, 2018 Mrs. Jeaneane Huth, 1st Vice President presided