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Supreme Worthy President
(Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi
Fredericksburg No. 266, VA/Kingsport No. 244, TN
    (Mrs. Joseph L.) Barbara Bongiovi was installed as supreme worthy president of the Social Order of the Beauceant on Friday, September 23, 2016, at the 96th Annual Supreme Assembly held in Topeka Kansas. She will preside at the 97th Annual Supreme Assembly on September25-29, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Mrs. Bongiovi became interested in the Social Order of the Beauceant when her Sir Knight, Joe, was the commander of Fredericksburg Commandery and was approached about the Commandery sponsoring a new Beauceant Assembly. She became a charter member of Fredericksburg Assembly 266 when it was constituted at the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, on January 20, 2007. Her love for the order continued to grow.
Mrs. Bongiovi was born and raised in College Point, Queens, New York. She has two sisters. Mrs. Bongiovi graduated from Mary Byers Business School and worked as an administrative assistant for a publishing company. After living in Reading, Massachusetts, and Denver, Colorado, with her three children, she settled in Buffalo, New York. She worked in the Buffalo General Health System in administration for 14 years. She met her Sir Knight, Joe, while serving Lenten meals at Calvary Episcopal Church. They married in 2001, adding three more children to the fold.
After retiring, they moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where they now reside. They have six children and 11 grandchildren.
Mrs. Bongiovi and Sir Knight Joe are excited about their upcoming travels and meeting new friends as well as reconnecting with past friends. She will emphasize our main charity, The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, as well as her theme, "Spreading the Joy and Beauty of Beauceant Love."