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Templar Education and Development Course

Where is the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross conferred? Who prevented the Jews from continuing to build the Second Temple following the death of King Cyrus? When entering or retiring from a Council of the Red Cross, you are to advance to the center of the chamber, face the East, and give the sign. The sign alludes to: A, B, C, or D? These are but a sample of the questions from our new Templar Education and Development correspondence course. If these questions pique your interest, please access the Grand Encampment’s website for information on how you can enroll in the first course, Templar Ritualist.

We believe that today’s Templar is thirsting for knowledge, further light or enlightenment if you will, about our beautiful ritual and rich history. We are committed to slaking this thirst through efforts such as the Templar education course.

The first course, Templar Ritualist, consists of thirty multiple choice questions and an essay question for each order. It is anticipated that future courses will center on areas of study such as ancient and medieval Templar history, modern Templary and the Grand Encampment, esoteric Templary, Church history, and theology. The field of study is endless. The course will also include a bibliography of recommended Templar-related reading, texts, and original source material. Not to give too much away, but a course-specific book is also in development!

Appropriate recognition awards for course completion and excellent scores will be available. Exemplary essays, with the permission of the student, will be eligible for publication in the Knight Templar.

The Grand Encampment’s Templar Education and Development Committee has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into developing this course, and we would like to acknowledge each of them. The committee is composed of Sir Knights Philip Hardiman, Adam Hathaway, Michael Kastle, George Marshall, Jr., Richard VanDoren, and Piers Vaughan, under the direction and leadership of Sir Knight Benjamin Williams, who, in his spare time, is also northwest department commander.

We encourage you to review the course syllabus on the website. We hope you find the course not only educational but enjoyable as well. Good luck.

Jeffrey N. Nelson, GCT
Grand Master


Welcome to the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar “Templar Ritualist” online education program. This program will test your knowledge of the Orders of the Temple.

The program consists of three courses, one for each Order. Each course consists of a timed, 30-question multiple-choice test and an essay portion. You may take the courses in any order. However, once you have started a course, you must complete the essay portion within 30 days.

                Course1: Illustrious Order of the Red Cross
                Course2: Order of Malta and the Mediterranean Pass
                Course3: Order of the Temple

Test Policy

The multiple-choice quizzes are closed book and will test your memory and knowledge of the ritual. Please adhere to your honor as a Templar in respecting this closed-book policy.

The questions are challenging. Each quiz must be completed within 30 minutes. You need to score aminimum of 70% to pass each quiz. You are allowed only 2 attempts, so be sure to have studied the ritual before taking the quiz.If you fail you may re-enroll to take the quiz again.

Multiple-choice tests are graded immediately.

The essay portion is open book. Essays must be completed within 30 days of starting eachcourse. Please upload your completed essay directly into the course module where indicated.

Exemplary essays maybe selected for publication in the Knight Templar Magazine. Each Triennium, at least one author will receive recognition at the Triennial Session and will be awarded a membership among the Templar Scholars program.

Essays are graded by members of the Grand Encampment Education Committee.


If you have any problems, please contact the Admin: S.K. Ben Williams, KCT - email: orionsg8@mac.com