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INFORMATION on the 57 Past Most Eminent Grand Masters
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Blanc, Mel, “The Man of a Thousand Voices” Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Mar 2013
Borgnine, Ernest, Oscar Winning Actor and Advocate for Freemasonry Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2012
Brant, Joseph, the Mohawk "American Indian" and Masonic Legend Harrison, David, Dr. Jul 2012
Byrd, Richard E. - The Admirable Admiral Deck, Warren H. Nov 2007
Corwin, Thomas, From 'Wagon Boy' to Grand Master and Buckeye Statesman Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2010
Crosley, Powel Jr. Queen City Entrepreneur, Industrialist, and Sportsman Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Apr 2007
Elway, John : Denver Bronco-Hall of Fame Quarterback Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Oct 2007
Groh, Heinie: The Bottle Bat Man and Fifty-Year Mason Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2007
Hershey, Lewis B., The Self-made Man Meyers, John D. Jr. Aug 2007
Hoyt, Waite: Hall of Fame Pitcher, Play-by-play Announcer and Once a Mason Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Aug 2008
Jackson, Robert H., Supreme Court Judge and Prosecutor at Nuremberg Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Sep 2008
King, Ernest J., World War II Fleet Admiral, and Secretary of the Navy Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Jan 2008
Lafayette and the Knights Templar Case, James R. Mar 2007
Lillie, Gordon William, "Pawnee Bill" Frontiersman and Showman Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Jul 2007
Lopez, Vincent - Anatomy of a Band Leader Bennett, Joseph E. Aug 2007
McKechnie, Bill, Baseball Hall of Fame Manager and Fifty-Year Mason Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2009
McKinley, William, KNIGHT TEMPLAR Rothwell, C. L. Jul 2007
Monroe, James: Mason, Soldier, Statesman Hill, Gilbert H. Jan 2008
Pace, Thurman C. Jr., One of the Great Men! William Koon, William, II May 2007
Peale, Norman Vincent, A Powerful Positive Thinker Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2011
Revere, Paul, MW Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts 1795-1797 Pushee, George DM III Feb 2015
Rickey, SK Branch, Biography Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Feb 2007
Rixey, Eppa, Jr., Hall of Fame Southpaw Pitcher Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. May 2008
Shackleton, Ernest Henry, Antarctic Explorer and Survivor Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Mar 2008
Sibelius, Jean:Patriotic Son of Finland and Masonic Recluse Johnson, Peter H.,Jr. Mar 2007
Tompkins, Daniel D., The Tragedy of, Grand Master, Governor, Vice Pres. Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Aug 2013
Warren, Charles, Search for the Temple, Boy Scouts, and Jack the Ripper Harrison, David, Dr. Sep 2012
Warren, Earl , From Golden State Grand Master to Governor and Chief Justice Tribe, Dr. Ivan M. Feb 2010
Warren, Joseph, Major General and Deputy, Grand Master Massachusetts 1769 Weeks, George A. Jun 2008

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